Irish stew and the River Corrib

We caught a faster boat for the ride back to the coast, and arrived back into Galway City in time for an early dinner. We decided on The Quays Pub, and when we walked in, it was standing room only in the pub for the football game. But the dining area down a short flight of stairs was deserted, so we grabbed a table and ordered pints all around. The Irish stew was great, so was the Guinness stew and the fish and chips. We heard cheers whenever the home team scored, and when the game was over, the pub cleared out, and just the dinner crowd was left. By then, the rest of the place was packed.

After dinner we split up. Dave and I wanted to explore and do some caching, and ended up walking along the River Corrib in the early evening light. This isn't like any other river in a city I've ever seen. The exuberant flowers, the mature trees, the side channels of water spilling back into the river, everything an overwhelming invitation to come walk along the banks. It was thoroughly intoxicating on this June evening. We talked with a few guys who were fishing for steelhead, then walked on. When we'd gone as far as we could, we headed off to find a few geocaches before walking back to our hotel.

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