There were way too many hours in an airplane seat required to get here, but we finally arrived in London, then hopped over to Dublin. You know all those photos of green fields surrounded by rock walls? I got my first glimpse of them from the plane windows!

Our cab driver was also a bit of a tour guide, and pointed out sights along the way. Our hotel is on O'Connell Street, right in the heart of old Dublin. It's walking distance to most everything, just what I like.

We meet up with our tour group tonight, so we spent the afternoon walking the streets and exploring. Lunch was at this amazing restaurant in an old church, with gorgeous stained glass and crypts and stone carvings. We toasted the start of our vacation with a Guinness... the first of many, I'm sure!

Dublin is full of great architecture, monuments, ornate lamp posts, and amazing clocks.

For those who don't want to explore Dublin on foot, they can choose these little trains,
or hop on/off double-decker buses, or even horse-drawn carriages.

There is so much to see. These beautiful corner flower markets.

And meat markets, cheese shops, and produce vendors. There are restaurants and 
pubs, and the streets are filled with the sound of live traditional music every evening.
If you live in the city, there's everything you could possibly want.

Today I fired up the step counter on my cell phone. 
We'll be walking every single day. 
I wonder how many miles we'll walk?

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