Kissane sheep farm

When I saw this farm visit on our tour itinerary, I thought that being out in sheep country, surrounded by green fields and stone walls, sounded pretty awesome. Plus I didn't want to just drive through this beautiful country. I wanted to actually get out into it and really see it.

When we arrived, the sheep were down in the bottom of the pasture. John introduced us to the border collies, then sent them to work. They respond to hand signals and voice commands, and they were pretty amazing to watch.

This working sheep farm has been in the same family for 150 years. It's currently run by a father and son, and they run 1000+ sheep with hundreds of new lambs each year.

After the sheep were collected, John praised the dogs and sent them off to relax, and chose a sheep to bring indoors for a shearing demonstration.

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  1. I'll bet that was fun to watch the dogs herd those sheep. That border collie looks like my dog, Bear.


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