Dublin doors

Instead of taking a much-needed nap this afternoon, I switched to my 35mm prime and took my camera for a walk through the Georgian neighborhood of Dublin. Which, conveniently, includes my hotel. All of these doors are on the same street.

My target is architecture, specifically, the many colored doors, and their surrounds.

I want to do something special with these photos, but will need some help from a friend who has Photoshop Lightroom. Because I'm fairly short, and these doors are more than fairly tall, the photos will need some tweaking to straighten out the perspective.

But they're still beautiful.

This eggplant-colored door has double columns and side windows.

Many share the same classic pediment style, but the fanlight windows are very different. The blue door has a very plain window. The yellow door has 7 panes of glass, and the center of the "web" has more rings.

The fanlight windows above these doors are like pieces of lace, frilly and beautiful. I especially love the way the arched trim goes clear to the ground, framing the columns and the doors.

This dark green door is framed by a pair of columns on each side, and still has the antique center-placed doorknob. The window has an elaborate lacy fanlight, different from the other fancy windows on the street.

I have many more door photographs, but these are some of my favorites.

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