The art of fishing...

Last fall we stayed at the South Fork Lodge on the Snake River. It's a beautiful place, where you can walk down to the riverbank and drop in a line, or float the river and fish from the boat. The South Fork is a braided river for much of its length, so you can hop out and fish from gravel bars, too.

The lodge reminded me of the classic lodges of the western national parks, with natural wood and soaring windows overlooking the river. The walls were hung with fishing art, prints by famous Yellowstone artists like Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt, watercolors of different types of trout, and drawings of classic fishing flies.

Over a glass of cabernet in the bar one night, I got to thinking about all the beautiful imagery that comes with fly fishing. Not just the natural scenery all around when I'm on the river, but also the rod in my hand, the fly that lights on the water to attract the fish, and the gorgeous trout that rise to the fly.

Also beautiful... the shared passion for a time-honored sport. And laughter, and time spent with family.

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