Garden art, winery style...

Today was another bottling day at DeLille Cellars. We were just about through our lunch break, when one of the guys rolled out on a forklift and deposited a heap of barrel staves and hoops on the ground near the table. He said we could take any or all of it home today.

I looked around and no one was making a move, so I didn't hesitate:  I asked if I could have the hoops. We drove the MX-5 today, but I managed to get 5 hoops and 5 barrel staves into the trunk. Plus the 6 bottles we got for our work on the bottling line. Not bad for a roadster!

. . . . .

As soon as I saw the barrel hoops, I thought of the gorgeous winery gardens at Camaraderie Cellars in Port Angeles.

We were last there in the summer of 2012, and I'd really like to make another visit this year, sample more of their wonderful wines, and spend some time in the gardens. I wonder if they do winemaker's dinners; I'll have to check that out.

Winemaking isn't Don Corson's only talent: he's also responsible for the beautiful gardens that surround the winery tasting room, and the varied garden art and structures there.

Under a large canopy is this chandelier made from barrel hoops. It's wrapped with mini Christmas lights, and has a beautiful large blown-glass globe in the center. This will be the inspiration for my own barrel hoop chandelier.

This "room" is beautifully landscaped, with plenty of comfortable seating. Windows from an old house form a windbreak along one side, without blocking the view into another part of the garden.

At the other end of the garden is a smaller room, with a fence made from sticks woven through uprights.

I love the table in this intimate room:  it's made from a huge slab of stone, set on pedestals made from cedar tree trunks.

The gate to the winery is made from barrel staves.

And before I forget... Camaraderie Cellars makes first-class red wines. You have to drive a bit to taste them, but this winery is worth the effort. And if you love to drive the back roads, you'll feel right at home.

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