Cliff paths that lead to orchids...

This is our last night in Portrush, and we didn't want it to end. So after dinner, we walked out the cliff path toward the end of Ramore Head, so we could look back on Portrush. This far north in the middle of June, it stays light way past ten.

Besides wanting to take a walk, we also wanted to find the geocaches that are on this headland. To get the first one, we walked across the grass full of yellow and white wildflowers, right to the edge of the cliff. The wind was blowing strongly onshore, and I felt perfectly safe out there. I found the cache under the heather at the edge of the cliff. Standing on the edge of the world in the wind was an amazing feeling.

When I turned away from the cliff to walk back to the path, look what I found:  a few of the tiny gorgeous orchids in the grass, right at my feet. 

Out at the end of the headland we stopped to look at the view, the cruise ship heading east toward Scotland, the big sailboat in the water right below us. The last cache proved to be more than a bit of a challenge, but we finally found it. I was signing the log when a woman rode past on a bicycle, and she stopped to chat. She's a student from Norway, working on her doctorate at the university here. Imagine going for a ten mile bike ride, starting at 8:30 at night. That tells you how light it was here.

As we rounded the point and headed back toward Portrush, the grassy slope was a carpet of wildflowers, mostly the tiny lavender orchids. I finally got my chance to lay down in the flowers and take pictures.

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